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On-page SEO

Results driven on-page SEO Strategies for your business to ensure your web pages are optimised for relevant keywords. 

Are your web pages ranking for search terms used by your target audience?  

Your web pages need to be ranking for search terms used by your target audience.

You need pages and content optimised for your target keywords to appear on relevant search results pages.

I will work through each page of your website to ensure that when crawled by search engines, it can be indexed and served to your target audience in the search results.

Google is becoming incredibly sophisticated. Because of this, your pages need to accurately “inform” search engines precisely what they are about.

“98% of consumers used the internet to find information about local businesses”

What's Included

On-page SEO Strategy

We don’t just tick off an on-page SEO checklist. Instead, a custom approach is made to every client website I work with. Based on a full audit, a strategy is made for your website.

Content review

A full review of your current content, how it renders across all devices, your content’s relevance and authority across your sector and more.

Title tags

I will ensure your title tags are correctly configured, send the correct signals to search engines and inform them about each page’s content.

URL structure

A full review of your website’s URL structure is needed to make sure each page and sub-pages are set up correctly so that search engines can determine the relevance and importance of each page.

Alt tags

I will ensure all image alt tags are correctly set so your website is accessible to all users.

Meta descriptions

Whilst not a ranking factor (and consistently edited by Google), meta descriptions can give a great overview of a page’s content.

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Why is On-page SEO Important

On-page SEO is a cornerstone of an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

It directly influences how both search engines and users perceive the quality and relevance of a website.

Without proper on-page SEO, a website risks becoming invisible or appearing in irrelevant search results, leading to significantly reduced traffic and missed opportunities for engagement and conversion.

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