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Technical Search Engine Optimisation is a vital part of every successful SEO campaign. 

Whether it is broken links, duplicate content or pages that cannot be located or indexed by search engines. Unless actively monitored and fixed, most websites have unseen technical SEO issues restricting your website’s success in the search engine results pages.

Is your website suffering from unseen technical issues impacting it’s SEO performance?  

As a technical SEO specialist, my work does not simply involve me ticking off a “technical SEO checklist”. Instead, a bespoke technical SEO strategy is created for your website based on its current condition and future plans for the website.

Technical Search optimisation is a vital part of every successful technical SEO campaign.

When a website has technical issues, such as slow loading times, broken links, or poor mobile optimisation, it not only provides a bad user experience but also restricts search engines from effectively crawling and indexing the site.

This can result in lower rankings or even a complete deletion from search results.

"73% of users report that they've experienced a mobile website that was too slow to load"

Technical SEO Service: What's Included

Website structure

Your website needs to be correctly set with a hierarchical structure to help search engines realise the importance of pages.

URL structure

A full review of your website’s URL structure to ensure that each page and sub-page are set up correctly so that search engines can determine each page’s relevance and importance.

Page load speed

If a user needs to wait while your page loads, they will most likely go to your competitor’s website; I will ensure this is not the case.

Secure pages

A search engine will not want to serve insecure pages to its users, I make sure each of your pages is fully secure, resulting in trust to search engines and users.

Page depth

Ensuring your pages are never too many clicks away from the user’s landing page. They will likely never be reached if the page depth is too high.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is detrimental to your website’s structure and helps search engines discover page importance. I will configure your internal linking to ensure the important pages have the most links, signalling which pages need to be seen by Google.

Broken links

Clicking a broken link will result in a 404 page. This will negatively impact user experience and could result in losing a client. 

Orphaned pages

You could have the best-written content in the world. Still, if it is located on an orphaned page (not listed in a menu or linked by another page), it is unlikely any user or crawler will locate and index it. I will make sure this is not the case.

Canonical tags

Do you have some page content similar to other pages on your website? Google will likely only index one, so we will determine the main page and configure canonical tags for the rest.

Site map

An XML file created and served to search engines to view all pages and files of your website is a vitally important part of technical SEO that is often ignored.


Where the instructions for all crawlers and robots are located, from here, we can determine who can and cannot crawl the site and help avoid overloading it.

Google search console/analytics

Setting up a Google search console for your website will be one of the first steps on our technical SEO service journey. This Google tool will help us see how Google views your website and locate issues it is having on a site-wide or page-by-page basis.

Schema markup

I will make sure your schema markup is correctly configured so that search engines understand the content of your website more effectively.

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Why is Technical SEO Important

Did you know that 40% of people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

That’s a significant number of potential visitors lost due to slow page speed. As your Technical SEO assistant, I can help improve your website’s page speed so that visitors stay on your site longer.

This is just one of many important factors to consider as we work together to enhance your site’s organic performance through technical Search Engine Optimisation.

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