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Technical SEO /
Google Search Console 101: How to Submit Your Websites Sitemap

Introduction Making sure your website and all of the key pages can be discovered online is one of the most important factors when it comes to organic search and SEO. If search engines and their crawlers cannot find your pages then even with the…

Local SEO /
Do Customer Reviews Impact Your Businesses Local SEO?

Are my customer reviews helping to boost local SEO efforts for my business? A question that is commonly asked by small business owners looking to improve their rankings within the local search results.    Are Reviews Important For Local SEO?  The simple answer is…

Local SEO /
Optimising Your Google My Business Profile For Local SEO

What is Google My Business? Google My Business (GMB), formerly known as Google Places and sometimes referred to as “Google Business Profile,” is a free tool for businesses that allows you to control how your business appears on Google. This tool is perfect for…

Local SEO /
Local Search 101: An Introduction To Local SEO

Google uses multiple algorithms to return search results, search engine optimisation commonly known as SEO is the strategy of optimising signals on and off a website to influence how the site displays in search engine results pages when users search certain keywords on Google.  When…

Technical SEO /
6 Common Signs Your Website is Experiencing Technical SEO Issues

Table of Contents Often having close ties to website development and the server setup and configuration that hosts your website. Technical SEO is the optimisation of what is “under the hood” of your website, from hosting and site speed to XML sitemaps, meta tags…